I need to take the AM2E but I have already gained AM2 in the past – what is the process for this?

If you are completing the Experienced Worker Assessment and have already passed the AM2, you will only have to undertake a supplementary AM2E unit rather than the whole assessment.

The unit to be completed depends on when the original AM2 was passed:

  • Before April 2010: Testing and Safe Isolation supplementary unit
  • After April 2010: Containment and Safe Isolation supplementary unit

Some assessments in 2010 were carried out after the April changeover, but as part of NET’s checks during the application process it will be confirmed which unit you will need to carry out.

Find out more on our AM2E Supplementary Units page.

If I fail just one element of the AM2 Composite Installation, do I need to re-sit the whole section?

For all assessments and re-sits taken from 01 April 2021, Section A will be broken down into sub-sections. This means that if you need to re-sit, you will only need retake the failed sub-section/s and not retake the whole of Section A.

This will benefit candidates as it will reduce re-sit costs and the associated stress linked to time away from work to repeat the whole Section A installation.

This applies to any re-sit taken after 01 April 2021, regardless of when the original assessment took place.

The marking criteria has not been amended and the same standard as previous has to be met in order to pass the assessment.

To read full details about this new approach please view our article on Section A re-sits from April 2021.

Why have the Section A sub-section resits only been available from April 2021?

Introducing such a change to break down and re-structure Section A of the AM2 required significant work to re-programme and and update NET’s assessment and recording IT systems.

Do I need to do a Prep Course?

NET and its licensed centres do not support, endorse or recommend any AM2, AM2S or AM2E prep courses. Providing you have been able to complete your Checklist with confidence that you have the skills and knowledge needed for each area of the assessment, the resources provided below will be sufficient for you to prepare.


How long do I have to re-sit sections / do they expire?

From 31 August 2019, a 2-year time limit will be introduced for candidates to pass all required elements of an assessment.

Individual sections that were passed will ‘expire’ after that time if the candidate has not successfully completed the remaining sections. A candidate can re-register but will be required to complete all sections.

This will apply to assessments where the first sitting takes place from 31 August 2019.

How much does the assessment cost?

For FESS Assessment fees, please refer to the Fees section of our Booking & Admin Help page.


Where do I send my checklist?

Checklists must be sent to the chosen assessment centre and not to NET head office.

Any checklists sent to NET head office will be destroyed and not returned or forwarded on.

The only exception to this is the AM2E Supplementary Unit checklist – there is a different process for those who need to take the AM2E and already hold AM2. In this instance you apply directly via the NET website.

I want to appeal against the result of my assessment

If you want to lodge an official appeal against the outcome of your result please read the information on our Appeals page.

A re-sit must not be booked before an appeal is submitted, during the appeal timeframe, or until it has been reviewed, completed and you have received an outcome.

If you have already booked a re-sit and wish to appeal, NET will be unable to process the appeal until you have contacted your assessment centre to cancel the re-sit.

I took my AM2 before April 2010 and need help…

We currently have a database confirming only the successfully achieved results for AM2s taken prior to the April 2010 date (also known as the ‘old AM2’).

If you think or know you have achieved AM2 prior to the April 2010 date, please use our Contact Form and select ‘Pre April 2010 AM2 Results’ from the drop down list. We will require the following:

  • Your full name, including any middle names or initials
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • The centre where your assessment was taken and approx. date (optional)

NET will then check the database based on the details supplied and confirm if a successful result exists, i.e. a ‘pass’.

Once you receive the confirmation of a pass, you can then proceed to apply for a replacement/duplicate copy of the certificate from our Certificates page.

Please Note:

NET cannot verify the following:

  • Training Organisation details of candidates
  • Previous postal addresses
  • Failed /achieved sections
  • AM1 results/certificates (AM2 superseded AM1, therefore making AM1 obsolete. Replacement certificates for AM1 are not available)

We cannot advise candidates on what to do in the event there is no evidence of an achievement. Individuals would need to refer to their training organisation and/or employer from the time of the original qualification and training.

I am interested in SkillELECTRIC – what do I do?

The SkillELECTRIC competition now has its own website where you can find out more and contact the relevant people to get involved. 

Can I re-sit my AM2 assessment at any NET centre?

Re-sits for AM2 can be booked through any of our approved AM2 centres. For AM2S re-sits, approved AM2S centres must be used. You can find AM2 and AM2S centres on our Find a Centre page.

Do all centres offer the AM2S assessment?

No, only centres from our approved AM2S list are permitted to take bookings for AM2S, please visit our Find a Centre page and tick the AM2S box within the Search criteria to view the approved AM2S centres.