Readiness for Assessment

Prepare to Succeed!

Use NET’s checklists to help you get ready for assessment

Completing a NET ‘Readiness for Assessment Checklist’ is a compulsory part of your assessment preparation. It helps you, your training provider and employer to look carefully at whether you have the right level of knowledge and experience to take the assessment.

We recommend that you use this checklist as a working document and carefully review each section, noting where further practical experience or knowledge is required.

If gaps are identified, additional training or experience is recommended before taking the assessment.

If you can’t confidently tick at least “Adequate” for every statement in terms of both Knowledge and Practical Experience, it’s unlikely that you are sufficiently prepared to pass the assessment.

You, your employer and training provider will need to sign a declaration to confirm you are ready for the assessment, so it’s important you don’t sign this until you feel you are 100% ready.

NET will need to receive your signed checklist before you can be authorised for an assessment booking

Select your checklist:

Please ensure you select the correct checklist below for the assessment you are taking. If in doubt – ask your training provider: