Section A re-sits – from April 2021

For all assessments and re-sits taken from 01 April 2021, Section A of the AM2 (all versions) will be split into sub-sections, so that should candidates need to re-sit they will only need to retake the failed sub-section/s, and not the whole of Section A.

For re-sits, this applies to any re-sit taken after 01 April 2021, regardless of when the original assessment took place.

The marking criteria has not been amended and the same standard as previous has to be met in order to pass the assessment.

Why are we doing this?

We are introducing this to improve the overall assessment and re-sit process for candidates, to acknowledge the instances where they may only fail on a single element of the installation.

By allowing the candidate to re-sit only the sub-section/s failed, it reduces re-sit costs and associated stress linked to time away from work to repeat the whole build.

Once introduced in April, the sub-sections and associated re-sit length will be:

  • Installation of Lighting and Ring Final circuits – 2.25 hours
  • Installation of 3-phase circuits – 2.25 hours
  • Installation of Central Heating control circuit – 2 hours
  • Installation of Main Protective Bonding, Safety and Data circuits – 2 hours
  • Installation of Containment (AM2S and E only) – 1.5 hours

On their results notification, candidates will be advised which sub-section/s they have failed and will be informed of the opportunity to re-sit just those sub-section/s.

Introducing such a change to break down and re-structure Section A of the AM2 requires significant work to re-programme and and update NET’s assessment and recording IT systems. This work is now underway and will be ready to implement by April.

All other section re-sits remain unaffected.