The introduction of the new AM2 in April this year has proved to be a real success and the updated assessment of occupational competence for our industry has been well received by centres, candidates and the industry alike. National Electrotechnical Training (NET) now has the opportunity, with a brand new marking system, to examine trends related to the AM2 in far greater depth than was previously possible, and felt it important to feed this information back to the industry.

The emerging trends confirm that, as expected, the new assessment is similar to its predecessor in its level of difficulty. The new content is not causing candidates too much difficulty: where it differs is in the requirement to achieve a 100% pass mark in safe isolation procedures – an area in which all involved in the consultation for the new AM2, including employers, training providers and candidates agreed there should be no margin for error.

So far, the most common cause for the candidates to fail to reach to required standard is an inability to perform safe isolation procedures in accordance with recognised industry practice. Others are unable to prove competence in the area of inspection and testing. This presents candidates, training providers and the industry with a challenge which NET is confident that they can meet. NET continues to work to ensure that those supporting candidates undertaking the AM2 are aware of the level of competence that is required and ensure they are properly prepared to succeed:

Informing the industry
Guidance information related to preparing for the AM2 assessment is available for candidates, employers and training providers on the NET website ( We would ask all concerned to recognise the importance of ensuring candidates make best use of this information, which gives the opportunity to identify areas in which they need to refresh their skills or require additional training.

Maintaining standards
The new marking system enables our AM2 Assessment Centres to provide detailed statistics to their customers, meaning training providers and employers can identify points of weakness and bear this information in mind when developing future candidates.

To minimise the cost implications of failing to reach the required standard in safe isolation, NET has restructured the assessment to allow candidates to resit solely the safe isolation unit, separating it from the rest of Section A in which it was previously embedded.

NET will continue to serve the industry and support the development of a safe and competent workforce, and we hope that this information may be useful to those whom we know share that aspiration.