NET introduces new checklist for AM2 preparation

All those undertaking the AM2 or AM2S assessment must now complete a ‘Readiness for Assessment’ checklist in advance before the assessment can be booked, to help improve the candidate’s chance of passing the assessment first time.

NET has introduced the checklist as a mandatory ‘gateway check’, in line with Government requirements for the new apprenticeship standard introduced in 2015.

The checklist asks the candidate, their employer and training provider to make a judgement on each area of the assessment and whether the individual has the required knowledge and experience to undertake the test. By completing this task, it identifies any areas where further learning is needed before the candidate is ready to proceed.

For over thirty years the AM2 has been the final element of the electrical apprenticeship. This ‘end point assessment’, as it’s becoming known, is a rigorous practical examination and knowledge test where candidates are assessed on their skills and competence against consistent criteria across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, the ‘FICA’ is the parallel assessment. The AM2S assessment is now running concurrently with the AM2, for those who are undertaking an apprenticeship against the new standard.

By introducing the checklist as a compulsory element before the assessment can be booked, NET hopes that it will reduce the number of instances where a candidate attends an assessment without preparation. “Our analysis clearly shows it’s the candidates who have prepared that are the ones who pass the first time,” said Carolyn Mason, chief executive of NET.

“In the past, training providers or employers have rushed to put a candidate through the AM2 when there are gaps in their knowledge or skills, which means invariably they will fail the assessment. Having to re-sit can be damaging to the candidate’s morale and it’s also a waste of time and money for the employer and training provider. By strengthening the checklist, we are helping all parties to ensure the candidate is confident going into the assessment and have everything they need to succeed.”

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