Improved candidate feedback

We are pleased to announce that all results notifications now feature enhanced feedback statements to help the candidate understand where they went wrong, if they did not successfully complete a section of the assessment.

Previously if a section was failed, the feedback would simply state ‘The candidate did not achieve the required standard’. From 12 April, the results notification now shows further detail under this statement to highlight in which areas the candidate failed to meet the standard.

For instance (AM2 example):

An example for FESS looks like this:

To ensure the assessment marking points remain confidential, NET is unable to give specific detail on exact points of failure. However, the enhanced feedback statements above can help the candidates to understand what areas they need to review, develop and concentrate on before they attempt a re-sit.

Improving feedback to candidates is an ongoing process and we plan to continually review our systems and processes and identify areas where enhancements can be made.