NET wants to remind all electrical employers and training providers that the Candidate Self Assessment Checklist for the AM2 Assessment is now a mandatory requirement for all AM2 candidate bookings.

From 9 April, any candidate taking their final practical assessment will need to provide their assessor with the signed Checklist as proof that both their employer and training provider have reviewed the candidate’s knowledge and competencies against the checklist document, to verify that all parties feel that the individual is fit and ready to undertake the assessment.

The document recommends that if any areas of weakness are identified where a candidate demonstrably does not have the adequate skills or knowledge, additional training should be laid on by the employer or training party prior to address this prior to making the assessment booking.

Stephen Plant, NET Business Development Manager, says: “We hope employers and training providers are now aware of this requirement, which was announced at the end of last year. All candidates coming through the apprenticeship or NVQ training system must provide a signed checklist, and AM2 assessors have been advised not to assess any trainee attending without this documentation.”

The checklist covers almost 50 different aspects of the electrical installation Level 3 qualification, including safe isolation and risk assessment, inspection and testing, fault diagnosis and application and knowledge. Plant says: “This simple exercise means that the candidate, training provider and employer have all reflected on whether the time is right for the final assessment. It is a tool to identify if there are any knowledge and competence deficiencies before the assessment rather than after.”

Plant concludes: “The AM2 is there to evidence that candidates have gained all the skills required by their qualification, so it should only be taken when the individual has been adequately trained and prepared. We can’t eliminate failure altogether, but we hope that this will help ensure that candidates going forward for assessment overall have a better chance to pass first time.