Cable Jointing Assessment now available at Harlow

NET’s Harlow centre is now offering the Cable Jointing Assessment of Competence and saw its first two candidates complete their assessments last week.

Taking place over 5.25 hours, candidates have to demonstrate their competence in a number of areas covering safe isolation, risk assessment, termination into a switch enclosure, completion of a through joint, inspection and testing and finally a knowledge assessment.

Those who successfully pass the assessment are eligible to apply for either a white stripe or gold ECS LV Jointer card, depending on their other qualifications.

The NET Harlow centre already offers AM2 and AM2S assessments and has now added Cable Jointing to its offering. Materials and equipment for the rig used during the assessment were kindly provided by ETS Cable Components.

More information on the NET Cable Jointing assessment

Photo shows L-R: Colin Harris, Harlow Centre; Jon Dicken, NET; Kevin Deere, ETS Cable Components.

NET Harlow Centre Cabling Assessment