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Selecting the Correct Assessment

If you are in any doubt as to which assessment a candidate needs to be put forward for, you must contact the candidate’s training provider to verify.

Training Providers must ensure they register their candidates on the correct assessment for the correct apprenticeship.

NET does not have access to candidate registration details and cannot check, verify or confirm which assessment a candidate needs to undertake.

Apprenticeship EPA:

EPA can only take place once the prescribed gateway checks have been approved.

Putting a candidate through the wrong assessment OR putting a candidate through EPA without satisfying the gateway checks is a serious breach of ESFA regulations. NET is required to notify all such instances to ESFA and other relevant parties for further investigation.

About the FESS End Point Assessment
The FESS assessment is the End Point Assessment (EPA) for the new Fire, Emergency & Security Systems.

To conform with Government requirements:

  • An agreement between NET and the training provider must be in place before any bookings can be made or gateway checks submitted
  • The candidate self-assessment checklist is different for each pathway and is a mandatory gateway check that must be submitted before an assessment can be booked
  • Other evidence is also mandatory as part of the gateway check (see below)
  • There are specific requirements around assessor capability and qualification
  • The certification process differs

NET’s EPA number is 0027.

Booking a FESS Assessment
At present, FESS assessments cannot be booked via the main NET Assessment Booking System without prior authorisation. If you wish to book a FESS assessment please contact support@netservices.org.uk in the first instance.

FESS Centres
The following centres are currently approved to deliver the FESS (Security Pathway) Assessment. Other centres which meet the requirements to deliver any of the FESS pathways will be authorised over the coming months. Please check the website for updates



FESS End Point Assessment Fees
The initial EPA cost is £1925 per person, valid till 31 March 2020.

Installation Section £700
Safe Working Section £150
System Takeover £275
Online Test £150
Professional Discussion £425

Note: Re-sit fees should not exceed recommended total EPA cost. Fees take account of the extra resource and cost to centres in providing partial re-sit support.

Introduction of EQA charges for apprenticeship standards
The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE) has now appointed Open Awards to carry out its External Quality Assurance service. As a result, the IfATE has confirmed that a £40 charge per apprentice will be imposed for all AM2S and FESS assessments that take place after 01 November 2019, irrespective of when the assessment was booked. AM2 is not affected.

NET has no control over these charges and will be required to pass the charge in full to the EQA provider.

NET will add the charges to centre invoices monthly for all in scope assessments and centres will need to adjust their invoices for assessment accordingly.

Mandatory Evidence
The following items must be submitted as part of the gateway check before booking a FESS assessment:

  • The checklist for the relevant pathway
  • Certificated evidence of attainment of Level 2 English
  • Certificated evidence of attainment of Level 2 Maths
  • Evidence of achievement of the ECS Health and Safety test

Candidate PLR
The apprentice must provide formal evidence of achievement of an acceptable equivalent qualification. This should be in the form of an official qualification certificate from the awarding organisation, or (if the apprentice does not have a qualification certificate and cannot source a replacement from the awarding organisation), a formal notification and/or statement of results, issued by the awarding organisation or a screen shot of their Personal Learner Record which must contain apprentice details, unique learner number, qualification achieved, awarding organisation date achieved and grade awarded. 

Please note: where PLRs are submitted in PDF format in place of certificates the relevant qualification is initialed with an apteryx or coloured highlighter. Please only submit the ‘learner achievement’ which is required as the mandatory evidence and not the learner events for candidate privacy and data protection.

Please note that NET applies for the apprenticeship certificate, and not individual training providers or centres. The certification service is carried out by ESFA.

Step 1: NET completes the apprenticeship certification request once candidate has successfully achieved the EPA.
Step 2: NET will submit the request weekly
Step 3: Validation checks are carried out on the requests submitted
Step 4: The outcome of the verification is reported back to NET
Step 5: Successful requests are processed and sent to print
Step 6: The printer will send the certificate to the apprentice’s employer by recorded delivery.



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Assessment Guidance

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