Can I have more than one Authorised Person for different jobs?

At the moment this is not possible. You can only assign one Authorised Person for the whole of the assessment.

What does the Authorised Person do?

The Authorised Person must verify that the work you upload has been carried out by you and is not anyone else’s work.

Who assigns my Authorised Person?

You will be asked to nominate your Authorised Person during the application process. Before your application is approved, NET will carry out checks on the information provided, the Authorised Person’s credentials and their suitability to verify your work.

They will also be required to upload identification and proof of their position; this will be audited by NET during the assessment process.

What does the NET Assessor do?

The independent NET assessor will review every item of evidence you upload and mark it against specific assessment criteria that mirror the requirements of the Level 3 FESS Apprenticeship Standard.

How do you ensure a consistent standard is applied?

NET assessors mark to a very specific specification which minimises any personal judgement This applies to the digital assessment elements and Safe Isolation. The online knowledge assessment is marked by NET’s assessment system.

All assessments are monitored and checked in line with NET quality assurance procedures.