Who books my Safe Isolation & Online Exam?

Once you have been approved by NET to carry out the EWA, you must book your safe isolation and knowledge assessment directly with your chosen NET licensed centre.

Payment must be made directly to your NET centre for these two elements of the assessment

Some NET centres may charge VAT for the safe isolation and knowledge assessment – please check with your chosen centre before confirming your booking. VAT is not applicable for the digital assessment fee paid to NET.

Can I book Safe Isolation & Online Exam at any NET licensed centre?

You can find a list of centres offering the FESS EWA safe isolation and knowledge assessment on our Find a Centre page, just tick ‘FESS EWA’ under the assessment options.

What qualifications will make me exempt from the online assessment?

If you hold one or more of the qualifications shown on this page, you will be exempt from the knowledge assessment. You will have to upload at least one certificate from that list during your application process for NET to review.

What if I have a qualification that is not listed for exemption?

The current exemption list has been agreed by the FESS industry working group and will be regularly reviewed.

What do I need to revise or practice before I sit the knowledge assessment?

The knowledge assessment is a 90-minute, 60 question assessment so you must ensure you prepare for this. The list of topics are covered on the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment page under the Knowledge Assessment heading. Make sure you are up to speed with relevant legislation, industry codes and guidance. There is also a Study Guide and answers paper that you can use in preparation to get an idea of the types of questions you will be asked – this can also be found on the FESS EWA page.