Once I submit all my evidence, how long before I get a result?

Your Authorised Person will first need to approve and verify your work so please keep in touch with them to ensure they do this. Once NET has received the files from your Authorised Person, the NET assessor will assess and mark your evidence within 15 working days.

All files are submitted at once and not per task or in a portfolio format. You will get a result on the overall assessment and will not receive any developmental feedback from NET.

What happens if I fail any element of the assessment?

If you fail the safe isolation or online knowledge assessment you will be required to re-book with a NET centre and re-sit the assessment/s.

For the digital assessment via NETassess, if any evidence is missing or doesn’t fully meet the criteria listed against the task, you will be given a ‘refer’ notice via the system and will have one further opportunity to upload additional  evidence to fill any gaps highlighted.

If you fail a digital assessment unit once your evidence is assessed, you’ll be given feedback via the statement of results. If you wish to re-take the unit(s) you have failed, you will need to pay the Resit fee and your system access will then be reactivated.

What if I don’t have time to pass the units I have failed within the 12 month period?

If you are paying for a re-sit you will have another 12 months in which to upload the evidence.

For referred evidence, where we notify you that you have missed a requirement, all re-submitted evidence must still be uploaded and verified by your Authorised Person within the original 12-month period, so please bear this in mind. We recommend that you do not leave it until the last month or weeks to upload all of your evidence, to allow time for Authorised Person approval and NET assessment.

Can I appeal if I am unsuccessful?

Yes, in line with NET appeals policy which can be found on the NET Policies and Procedures page.

How much does a re-sit cost?

The Safe Isolation and Knowledge Assessment re-sits are £165 each.

A re-sit of the Digital Assessment via NETassess is £235 per unit. If a candidate needs to re-sit multiple units, the charge will not exceed the maximum cost for the original digital assessment.