How far back in time can workplace evidence be used?

The evidence must be recorded from projects you are working on throughout the 12-month lifespan of the assessment. Historical work that you carried out prior to the EWA registration date cannot be accepted.

What is the difference between an authorised person and witness testimony?

The authorised person is making a formal declaration that the evidence you provide is genuinely your own work.

Witness testimony is a supportive statement which can add additional weight to either the authorised person’s view, or to the evidence you provide which does not require input from the authorised person.

In both cases all evidence, verification and testimony are rigorously checked and independently assessed as part of the EWA process.

If a resubmission of evidence is required, how much will it cost?

There is no charge for one further submission if your evidence is referred back to you for further detail. If you fail a unit, the resit charges for the unit(s) will apply.

Can someone else help me to gather/log my evidence?

Only you have access to upload evidence to the system and this should not be shared. There should be no need to seek additional help – the system has been designed to be a simple, intuitive means of uploading evidence.

Evidence must be your own work and you will be asked to upload videos of you carrying out a range of tasks in order to prove this. You may need assistance to film tasks and close-ups of a good quality. See our Video Evidence guidance for more information.

Does it matter whether it’s an addressable or non-addressable system?

For a number of tasks you will be asked to provide evidence on two systems. At least one of these will need to be an addressable system. This will be highlighted in NETassess against the relevant tasks.

What if I have technical issues?

You’ll be given contact details to obtain technical support once you have access to the system.