I already have an ECS card but it’s out of date, do I need the EWA?

If you already hold an ECS card your first point of contact should be ECS as they will be able to confirm what qualifications or updates you require in order to update or renew your card. You may not need to do the full Experienced Worker Assessment. Look at the FESS information on the ECS website or contact 01322 661622 for more information.

How do I register for the FESS EWA?

To register for the EWA please complete the Candidate Registration Form. You will need to complete and upload the EWA Checklist as part of your application, along with the certificates for any existing qualifications you hold which are on the list for exemption from the knowledge assessment (view this list). NET aims to process your application within 10 working days.

How much will it cost?

There are three components to the assessment:

  • Digital Assessment – £660 – this is payable to NET once your application has been approved before you can get access to the NET assess system.
  • Safe Isolation – £165 – this must be paid directly to your chosen NET-licensed centre when you book your safe isolation assessment.
  • Online Knowledge Assessment (if you are not exempt) – £165 – this must be paid directly to your chosen NET-licensed centre when you book the knowledge assessment.

These costs include all associated technical support, assessment, quality assurance and certification.

Some NET centres may charge VAT for the safe isolation and knowledge assessment – please check with your chosen centre before confirming your booking. VAT is not applicable for the digital assessment fee paid to NET.

Re-sit Costs: 

  • Safe Isolation and Knowledge Assessment – £165 each
  • Digital Assessment – £235 per unit. If a candidate needs to re-sit multiple units, the charge will not exceed the maximum cost for the original digital assessment.

Who can be my Authorised Person?

Your authorised person must be a team leader, supervisor, colleague, manager or other suitable person (e.g. an independent auditor) who may be regarded as a suitable witness to your competency. They must be technically competent in the process or skills that they are providing testimony for, to at least the same level of expertise as you.

You will be asked to nominate your Authorised Person during the application process. Before your application is approved, NET will carry out checks on the information provided, the Authorised Person’s credentials and their suitability to verify your work.

They will also be required to upload identification and proof of their position; this will be audited by NET during the assessment process.

How long will it take?

You have a total of 12 months to complete the Experienced Worker Assessment from the point that you are granted access to ‘NETassess’ (this will be once your application has been approved and you have made payment for the digital assessment to NET). However, you can complete the assessment at your own speed and so may complete in a shorter number of months if you can gather your workplace evidence more quickly

What standard am I being assessed against?

The Level 3 FESS Apprenticeship Standard – the requirements of the Experienced Worker Assessment mirror this.

Is there an age limit on registering for the FESS EWA?

No, the requirement is that you are working within the FESS industry and typically have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and are carrying out the breadth of activity required in order to generate workplace evidence.

I have many years’ experience in the FESS industry but am not currently practising/am now in a management role. Can I complete the EWA?

You’ll need to be actively working in the industry in order to be able to provide the workplace evidence that is required. If you are in a different role, check the ECS website to identify which alternative cards may be better suited.

Do I need a training provider?

No – it’s an assessment process, not training. If you identify gaps, you may need further experience and/or to complete formal training before embarking on the EWA process.

What ECS Card does the EWA entitle me to apply for?

You will be eligible for the FESS Systems Technician ECS gold card in your chosen pathway – you’ll need your FESS EWA certificate and to complete the ECS HSE assessment – visit the ECS website for full details on what you’ll need to apply for a gold card.

Does the EWA expire?

The Experienced Worker Certificate does not currently have an expiry date.