Where can I take the FESS End Point Assessment?

NET is no longer a FESS End Point Assessment provider for the FESS apprenticeship standard.

There are two approved EPA Organisations for the FESS assessment:

Garry Glover, EPA Manager
T: 07949 193636

Highfield Assessment
Mike White, Employer Engagement Manager
T: 01302 363277

I need to take the AM2E but I have already gained AM2 in the past – what is the process for this?

If you are completing the Experienced Worker Assessment and have already passed the AM2, you will only have to undertake a supplementary AM2E unit rather than the whole assessment.

The unit to be completed depends on when the original AM2 was passed:

  • Before April 2010: Testing and Safe Isolation supplementary unit
  • After April 2010: Containment and Safe Isolation supplementary unit

Some assessments in 2010 were carried out after the April changeover, but as part of NET’s checks during the application process it will be confirmed which unit you will need to carry out.

Find out more on our AM2E Supplementary Units page.

Can someone take the AM2 before completing all the NVQ work-based units, or do the units have to be completed first?

The training provider, learner and employer should collectively agree when the learner is ready to be put forward for the assessment. This is confirmed to NET via the checklist which is signed by all three parties to confirm the candidate has the correct level of knowledge and practical competence to take the assessment.

Both City & Guilds and EAL state that learners should not be put forward for assessment until they are ready to be assessed as competent. Both awarding organisations include the following instruction in their quality manuals:

Learners should not be put forward for the independent assessment unit (2357-399) (QEOC3/001) an ‘Assessment of Occupational Competence’, the Electrotechnical Occupational Competence unit (2357-399) (EOC3/001), until they are deemed ready to be assessed as competent. This underpins the assumption that the learner has sufficient technical expertise, knowledge, skill, and maturity to meet the expectancies of employers in terms of ‘Occupational Competence’. This unit is widely known and often referred to as the AM2.

NET reviews each checklist submission and ensures the candidate is registered on the appropriate qualification with the Awarding Organisation.

Do I need to do a Prep Course?

NET and its licensed centres do not support, endorse or recommend any AM2, AM2S or AM2E prep courses. Providing you have been able to complete your Checklist with confidence that you have the skills and knowledge needed for each area of the assessment, the resources provided below will be sufficient for you to prepare.


How long do I have to re-sit sections / do they expire?

From 31 August 2019, a 2-year time limit will be introduced for candidates to pass all required elements of an assessment.

Individual sections that were passed will ‘expire’ after that time if the candidate has not successfully completed the remaining sections. A candidate can re-register but will be required to complete all sections.

This will apply to assessments where the first sitting takes place from 31 August 2019.

Please note: all new assessment bookings will require a gateway check and a new completed checklist will need to be submitted for approval. Old or existing checklists will not be accepted if your assessment has expired.

Can I visit an assessment centre?

The assessment centres are strictly controlled environments, visits are not permitted unless pre-authorised by NET for an agreed specific purpose.

Is the NVQ / Technical Certificate different to the AM2 completion certificate?

Yes, the Assessment of Occupational Competence certificate will come directly from NET within 2 weeks of passing the assessment. 

Who sends out my/the candidate’s apprenticeship certificate?

If you are on the current framework Apprenticeship, your training provider will apply for this certificate, which will be issued by the Awarding Organisation that operates the qualification. This can take between 4-6 weeks.

For candidates who are on the new standard apprenticeship, NET will apply for the apprenticeship certificate from ESFA.

Information for Training Providers

Training Providers are responsible for providing the correct details when registering the candidate. NET does not independently check or verify the candidate or employer details provided by the training provider, so the onus is on the provider to ensure these details are correct and/or contact NET to provide changes or updates to the registration details prior to the EPA.

NET takes the information submitted by the training provider and uses this to apply for the apprenticeship certificate(s). Therefore we stress the registration details must be correct.

NET has no oversight of the process of the apprenticeship certificates, which is managed by ESFA. We can only supply information on the delivery status once it is available (there is no confirmation of when this will be).


In the event that the employer has not received the apprenticeship certificate, they must get in touch with us by emailing info@netservices.org.uk. We can then verify the address and recipient details with the employer directly and apply for a re-print.


For the Apprenticeship Standard completion certificate, this is supplied by ESFA after NET applies for it. Assessment certificates (AM2, AAC, AM2S, FESS) are sent to the candidate by NET to the address provided at the point of candidate registration.

Candidates are informed of the process via their results notification and what they need to do in the event they do not receive their End Point Assessment certificate.

What type of ECS card can I apply for?

NET cannot advise on the type of ECS card to apply for, any ECS criteria or the qualifications relating to an ECS Card application, please visit ecscard.org.uk for further information.

I would like to take the AM2 but don’t have Level 3 qualifications

To be recognised as a qualified Electrician by the industry and the ECS card scheme you need to hold appropriate Level 3 technical qualifications. Download the full list of currently accepted certificates.

The AM2 is the final step in the journey to qualification and cannot be taken if you either do not already hold relevant qualifications or are not currently enrolled on a qualification where AM2 is the final unit. For more information, please refer to the recommended Training Routes on the Electrical Careers website.

If you are a practising electrician without technical qualifications, you may be able to qualify through the Experienced Worker Assessment route.