How long do I have to re-sit sections / do they expire?

From 31 August 2019, a 2-year time limit will be introduced for candidates to pass all required elements of an assessment.

Individual sections that were passed will ‘expire’ after that time if the candidate has not successfully completed the remaining sections. A candidate can re-register but will be required to complete all sections.

This will apply to assessments where the first sitting takes place from 31 August 2019.

Can I re-sit my AM2 assessment at any NET centre?

Re-sits for AM2 can be booked through any of our approved AM2 centres, For AM2S re-sits please see EPA AM2S section.

Is there time limit or cut-off date for completing failed sections?

 All sections of an assessment must be passed within a 2 year period.

If the whole assessment has not been successfully completed, any individual sections that were passed will expire after 2 years of the first sitting. 

A warning notification will be emailed 6 months prior to expiry date – this will be sent to the candidate, employer and training provider.

Can I take my re-sit at different centre to my original assessment?

Yes, you can choose to take re-sits at any centre.

Who can provide feedback on my assessment?

You will need to refer to the assessment centre and their assessors for feedback on your assessment. NET is unable to provide feedback on assessments. 

How long after my first assessment can I attempt to re-sit a failed section?

This will depend upon the reasons for failure and the extent to which further training or experience is required. NET strongly recommends a period of 3 weeks, with sufficient training and revising having taken place before a re-attempt of section(s). Please note: re-sits are not permitted within 10 days of initial sitting.