Can I re-sit my AM2 assessment at any NET centre?

Re-sits for AM2 can be booked through any of our approved AM2 centres. For AM2S re-sits, approved AM2S centres must be used. You can find AM2 and AM2S centres on our Find a Centre page.

Do all centres offer the AM2S assessment?

No, only centres from our approved AM2S list are permitted to take bookings for AM2S, please visit our Find a Centre page and tick the AM2S box within the Search criteria to view the approved AM2S centres.

How much is the AM2S assessment?

For up-to-date assessment fees, please refer to the Fees section of our Booking & Admin Help page.

Who applies for my apprenticeship certificate under the new standard?

For the Apprenticeship Standard, NET will apply for the apprenticeship certificate. The certificates are produced by ESFA.

How far in advance can I book my EPA assessment?

Assessments can only be booked up to 6 months in advance.

How long after my first assessment can I attempt to re-sit a failed section?

This will depend upon the reasons for failure and the extent to which further training or experience is required. NET strongly recommends a period of 3 weeks, with sufficient training and revising having taken place before a re-attempt of section(s). Please note: re-sits are not permitted within 10 days of initial sitting.