How much does the assessment cost?

The initial End Point Assessment cost is £1925 per person. Re-sit fees are detailed below: 




Re-sit fees should not exceed recommended total EPA cost. Fees take account of the extra resource and cost to centres in providing partial re-sit support.    

What am I tested on for the practical assessment of FESS Security pathway?

Candidates will be checking and installing the following systems with manufacturer’s manuals provided for each system:

  • Intruder alarm Pyronics Euro panel
  • CCTV HIKVision DVR system
  • Access control Paxton NET2 door entry and access control systems

What is the professional discussion?

The professional discussion will include a range of standard and scenario-based questions and covers the following behaviours:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Dependable and Responsible
  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Openness to learning
  • Maintain continuous professional development
  • Work with others
  • Safe and Sustainable working

It is recommended that you think about some examples of where you have demonstrated these behaviours in the workplace. You may wish to discuss these in advance with your employer.  If you wish, you can bring evidence or notes to refer to during the professional discussion.

What is the FESS Security Pathway Assessment?

The assessment will take place over 2 days and comprises:

  • A practical activity (9 hours)
  • An online knowledge test (1 and a half hours)
  • A professional discussion (45 minutes)

The assessment will cover all the aspects listed in the Readiness for Assessment checklist which you can find on our FESS page and must be completed with your employer and training provider.

Do all centres offer the FESS assessment?

No, only centres from our approved FESS list are permitted to take bookings for FESS, please visit our FESS page to view the approved centres.

Can I re-sit my FESS assessment at any centre?

Re-sits for FESS are only permitted at approved FESS centres, please visit our FESS page for a list of approved centres.

What has to happen before a candidate can do the FESS Security EPA?

Before a candidate can be authorised for EPA, Training Provider(s) will need to contract with NET. For a copy of our agreement please email

Once an agreement has been signed, candidates are then required to pass the gateway check specified in the assessment plan/standard.

This gateway check includes the following:

  • The checklist for Security pathway
  • Certificated evidence of attainment of Level 2 English
  • Certificated evidence of attainment of Level 2 Maths
  • Evidence of achievement of the ECS Health and Safety test  

Candidate PLRs

The apprentice must provide formal evidence of an achievement of an acceptable equivalent qualification. This should be in the form of an official qualification certificate from the awarding organisation, or (if the apprentice does not have a qualification certificate and cannot source a replacement from the awarding organisation), a formal notification and/or statement of results, issued by the awarding organisation or a screen shot of their Personal Learner Record, which must contain apprentice details, unique learner number, qualification achieved, awarding organisation, date achieved and grade awarded. 

Please note: If you are submitting PLRs as part of gateway for EPAs you must highlight the relevant qualification. To ensure candidate privacy and data protection please ensure you only submit the required qualification evidence for gateway approval.

Who applies for my apprenticeship certificate under the new standard?

For the Apprenticeship Standard, NET will apply for the apprenticeship certificate. The certificates are produced by ESFA.

How far in advance can I book my EPA assessment?

Assessments can only be booked up to 6 months in advance.

How long after my first assessment can I attempt to re-sit a failed section?

This will depend upon the reasons for failure and the extent to which further training or experience is required. NET strongly recommends a period of 3 weeks, with sufficient training and revising having taken place before a re-attempt of section(s). Please note: re-sits are not permitted within 10 days of initial sitting.