How can I amend my incorrect details or missing information?

You will need to contact the assessment centre where your booking was originally made to rectify incorrect information or add missing details. Please refer to the person(s) or organisation who made your assessment booking.

All personal information will need to be authorised for change by the assessment centre. Please do not send personal information via the NET enquiries page.

I would like to take the AM2 but don’t have Level 3 qualifications

To be recognised as a qualified Electrician by the industry and the ECS card scheme you need to hold appropriate Level 3 technical qualifications. Download the full list of currently accepted certificates.

The AM2 is the final step in the journey to qualification and cannot be taken if you either do not already hold relevant qualifications or are not currently enrolled on a qualification where AM2 is the final unit. For more information, please refer to the recommended Training Routes on the Electrical Careers website.

If you are a practising electrician without technical qualifications, you may be able to qualify through the Experienced Worker Assessment route.