Can someone take the AM2 before completing all the NVQ work-based units, or do the units have to be completed first?

The training provider, learner and employer should collectively agree when the learner is ready to be put forward for the assessment. This is confirmed to NET via the checklist which is signed by all three parties to confirm the candidate has the correct level of knowledge and practical competence to take the assessment.

Both City & Guilds and EAL state that learners should not be put forward for assessment until they are ready to be assessed as competent. Both awarding organisations include the following instruction in their quality manuals:

Learners should not be put forward for the independent assessment unit (2357-399) (QEOC3/001) an ‘Assessment of Occupational Competence’, the Electrotechnical Occupational Competence unit (2357-399) (EOC3/001), until they are deemed ready to be assessed as competent. This underpins the assumption that the learner has sufficient technical expertise, knowledge, skill, and maturity to meet the expectancies of employers in terms of ‘Occupational Competence’. This unit is widely known and often referred to as the AM2.

NET reviews each checklist submission and ensures the candidate is registered on the appropriate qualification with the Awarding Organisation.

Where do I send my checklist?

Checklists must be sent to the chosen assessment centre and not to NET head office.

Any checklists sent to NET head office will be destroyed and not returned or forwarded on.

The only exception to this is the AM2E Supplementary Unit checklist – there is a different process for those who need to take the AM2E and already hold AM2. In this instance you apply directly via the NET website.

How much does the assessment cost?

Please refer to the Fees section of our Booking & Admin Help page. Fees are reviewed annually on 1st April.

I’m self-employed or on a CPD route candidate – who signs my checklist?

You, as the candidate, will need to complete, sign and date the Readiness for Assessment checklist. In addition, your training provider and/or employer will also need to complete, sign, and date the checklist. 

I’m an apprentice, who signs my checklist?

Your training provider and employer, as well as yourself, are all required to complete, sign, and date the candidate Readiness for Assessment checklist.

Can I book an assessment without a checklist?

No. All assessments require a checklist completed, signed, and dated before a booking can be made.

What is a Gateway Check?

A gateway check is a mandatory check to ensure that the compulsory elements of an apprenticeship or training programme have been completed, before an assessment can be booked. Please see details for your chosen assessment on the NET website.

Can NET book my assessment?

NET currently licenses a network of centres to deliver a range of assessments. Bookings should be made directly with your chosen centre; the NET head office cannot book assessments. To find an assessment centre please visit our Find a NET Centre page.

Who can book my assessment?

The Candidate, Employer or Training Provider can book assessments on behalf of the candidate. Assessments have to be made with the NET-licensed centre and not directly with the NET head office. Visit our Find a Centre page to search for a NET licensed centre in your area.

I would like to take the AM2 but don’t have Level 3 qualifications

To be recognised as a qualified Electrician by the industry and the ECS card scheme you need to hold appropriate Level 3 technical qualifications. Download the full list of currently accepted certificates.

The AM2 is the final step in the journey to qualification and cannot be taken if you either do not already hold relevant qualifications or are not currently enrolled on a qualification where AM2 is the final unit. For more information, please refer to the recommended Training Routes on the Electrical Careers website.

If you are a practising electrician without technical qualifications, you may be able to qualify through the Experienced Worker Assessment route.