Where do I send my checklist?

Checklists must be sent to the chosen assessment centre and not to NET head office.

Please note any checklists sent to NET head office will be destroyed and not returned or forwarded on.

How much does the assessment cost?

Please see the recommended fees on our website. Fees are reviewed annually on 1st April.

I’m self-employed or on a CPD route candidate – who signs my checklist?

You, as the candidate, will need to complete, sign and date the Readiness for Assessment checklist. In addition, your training provider and/or employer will also need to complete, sign, and date the checklist. 

I’m an apprentice, who signs my checklist?

Your training provider and employer, as well as yourself, are all required to complete, sign, and date the candidate Readiness for Assessment checklist.

Can I book an assessment without a checklist?

No. All assessments require a checklist completed, signed, and dated before a booking can be made.

What is a Gateway Check?

A gateway check is a mandatory check to ensure that the compulsory elements of an apprenticeship or training programme have been completed, before an assessment can be booked. Please see details for your chosen assessment on the NET website.

Can NET book my assessment?

NET currently licenses 41 centres to deliver a range of assessments. Bookings should be made directly with your chosen centre; the NET head office cannot book assessments. To find an assessment centre please visit:

Who can book my assessment?

The Candidate, Employer or Training Provider can book assessments on behalf of the candidate. Assessments have to be made with the NET-licensed centre and not directly with the NET head office.