I took my AM2 before April 2010 and need help…

We currently have a database confirming only the successfully achieved results for AM2s taken prior to the April 2010 date (also known as the ‘old AM2’).

If you think or know you have achieved AM2 prior to the April 2010 date, please use our Contact Form and select ‘Pre April 2010 AM2 Results’ from the drop down list. We will require the following:

  • Your full name, including any middle names or initials
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • The centre where your assessment was taken and approx. date (optional)

NET will then check the database based on the details supplied and confirm if a successful result exists, i.e. a ‘pass’.

Once you receive the confirmation of a pass, you can then proceed to apply for a replacement/duplicate copy of the certificate from our Certification page.

Please Note:

NET cannot verify the following:

  • Training Organisation details of candidates
  • Previous postal addresses
  • Failed /achieved sections
  • AM1 results/certificates (AM2 superseded AM1, therefore making AM1 obsolete. Replacement certificates for AM1 are not available)

We cannot advise candidates on what to do in the event there is no evidence of an achievement. Individuals would need to refer to their training organisation and/or employer from the time of the original qualification and training.