Our response to the COVID-19 crisis

The following NET centres have good availability until the end of October (figures as of 3rd September). If your local centre is full, you may wish to consider travelling to one with more capacity.

The number of spaces listed below are indicative and the actual figure will change on a daily basis. Please contact a centre directly to confirm availability and dates.

Centre Availability to end Oct 21
Armagh 12
Ashton 19
Birmingham Central 6
Blackpool 26
Cambridge 26
Crawley 39
Guildford 28
Harlow 58
Liverpool 20
Liverpool City 5
Maidstone 17
Maidstone South 18
Peterborough 8
Poole 19
Portsmouth 29
Sheffield Meadowhall 23
Stockton on Tees 17
Stoke on Trent 8
Trafford 14
Warrington 37
West Byfleet 32
Whitechapel 124
Worcester 20