Who’s it for?

The Cable Jointing Assessment is designed for individuals who wish to practice as an L.V. Cable Jointer. It demonstrates that they have the level of competence expected by the industry in the following key occupational areas:

  • Risk Assessment, including COSHH requirements
  • Safe Isolation and Permit to Work
  • Completion of a gland and termination into a TP&N Switch Enclosure with a 90-degree bend
  • Completion of a 4 Core Through Joint
  • Testing of the installation for Insulation Resistance and Continuity
  • Completion of Documentation to include BS 7671 Schedule of Test Results
  • Completion of Handover Documentation
  • Assessment of Underpinning Knowledge
  • The understanding and application of industry recognised procedures, working practices and the requirements of statutory and non-statutory regulations

What do I have to do?

The Cabling Jointing Assessment is broken down into different sections below. During some of the practical sections, you’ll be watched by the assessor. This can seem intimidating, so try to practice beforehand with a colleague watching you to get used to it.

How can I prepare?