Please see the information below for details about the assessment booking process and other administration items.

If you’re booking an AM2 or AM2S assessment please take note of the following information before you start:

Selecting the Correct Assessment – AM2 or AM2S

Training Providers must register candidates on the correct assessment for the correct apprenticeship. These are:

  • AM2: for the Apprenticeship Framework, Level 3 NVQ or JIB Mature Candidate Assessment
  • AM2S: for the Apprenticeship Standard

NET does not have access to candidate registration details and cannot check, verify or confirm which assessment a candidate needs to undertake.

Candidates must undertake the AM2S not AM2 if they are on the Apprenticeship Standard. The EPA can only take place once the prescribed gateway checks have been approved.

Putting a candidate through the wrong assessment OR putting a candidate through EPA without satisfying the gateway checks is a serious breach of ESFA regulations. NET is required to notify all such instances to ESFA and other relevant parties for further investigation.