Assessor Registration

All of NET’s assessments can only be delivered by a NET-licensed independent assessor.

If you’d like to register to become a NET Assessor, you must first identify and contact which centres you’d like to work with. The NET centre will have to start the initial registration process.

Initial Application

The centre must submit a copy of the proposed independent assessor’s CV and all relevant certificates to NET.

NET will assess the application and, if approved, will contact the centre so that training/induction may be arranged. If an application is not approved, the centre will be informed.

Training and Observation

All approved independent assessors will attend a 2-day initial training programme developed and delivered by NET staff, which will also include an induction.

After satisfactory completion of the 2-day initial assessor training programme, the provisional assessor will observe a current independent assessor in their own centre or another centre nominated by NET for a minimum of one week.

Following this, the provisional independent assessor will be observed and assessed by NET staff as they carry out two full assessments in their centre. An assessor login will be provided to allow them to carry out the marking of assessments, on the NET Marking & Management System (MMS).

After the observed assessment, if full compliance and understanding has been demonstrated, NET shall confirm that the new provisional assessor has satisfactorily completed this process and can commence the probationary period. If unsuccessful then further observations will be carried out, but this may involve additional costs to the centre.

Probation Period

All independent provisional assessors must complete a probation period where the first 20 assessments they assess are monitored by NET. Any failure to maintain NET’s required standards and processes will result in the assessor receiving a support visit arranged by NET. This visit may result in additional observation and a performance review.

It may be necessary for the provisional independent assessor to repeat their training and probation period with a suspension from marking further assessments until that remedial process has been satisfactorily completed. Centres will be charged for any visits made by NET staff and for any additional training required in these circumstances.