If you are completing the Experienced Worker Assessment and have already passed the AM2, you will only have to undertake a supplementary AM2E unit rather than the whole assessment.

The unit to be completed depends on when the original AM2 was passed:

  • Before April 2010: Testing and Safe Isolation supplementary unit
  • After April 2010: Containment and Safe Isolation supplementary unit

Some assessments in 2010 were carried out after the April changeover, but as part of NET’s checks during the application process it will be confirmed which unit you will need to carry out.

Take a look below for more detail on what you’ll need to complete for each unit.

You can also download the AM2E Supplementary Unit Checklist from our Checklists page to look specifically at what you need to achieve.

Applying to take your AM2E Unit

If you already hold AM2, you will need to apply directly to NET for your AM2E Unit Assessment. Your training provider cannot apply on your behalf. Find out more about the AM2E Unit Application


The best way to prepare for the AM2E is to use the resources available on the NET website:

  • Download the AM2 Supplementary Unit Checklist from our Checklists page which details everything you’ll need to do and ensure you’re confident in each area before you take the assessment.
  • Watch our Top Tips Videos for hints and advice on each section of the assessment.

A note about AM2 Prep Courses: NET and its licensed centres do not support, endorse or recommend any AM2 prep courses. Providing you have been able to complete your Checklist with confidence that you have the skills and knowledge needed for each area of the assessment, the resources provided above will be sufficient for you to prepare.

AM2E Units Detail: