Apply via NET for your AM2E units if you already hold AM2

If you are completing the Experienced Worker Assessment and already have passed the AM2, you will only have to undertake a supplementary AM2E unit rather than the whole assessment.

Before you can book this unit with a NET centre, NET must verify your existing AM2 status.

You will not be able to carry out this process until you have your Experienced Worker Qualification certificate. This needs to be uploaded as part of the application process.

If you have not received your Experienced Worker Qualification certificate, please do not complete the form below.

You will need the following documents before you start:

  • Experienced Worker Qualification certificate – your certificate must state ‘Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification’ and the qualification code which is either 2346 (City & Guilds) or 603/5982/1 (EAL). No other certificates will be accepted.
  • Your AM2 certificate
  • Your completed AM2E Supplementary Unit Checklist

The checklist can be edited and completed online via Acrobat Reader. To do this you’ll need the most up to date version of Acrobat Reader and will need to save the PDF onto your computer or device before you start to complete it, rather than editing it in the web browser window.

On mobile you’ll need to search for and download the Acrobat Reader app and open the documents within the app to edit them.

The Process:

  1. Complete and submit the form below and upload the documents listed above.
  2. NET will verify your application and AM2 status.
  3. If accepted, you will receive an email confirming which AM2E unit you are approved for.
  4. You can then contact your chosen NET centre to book your assessment.
  5. Your details will automatically be listed as authorised on NET’s booking system.

Your chosen centre cannot accept your assessment booking if you have not been approved by NET.