Who’s it for?

The AM2 should be taken by electrotechnical apprentices who are training against the Apprenticeship Framework, those undertaking the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment and those following the Level 3 NVQ who are not apprentices.

Apprentices who are enrolled onto the Apprenticeship Standard should undertake the AM2S assessment.

What do I have to do?

The AM2 Assessment is broken down into the sections below. During some of the practical sections, you’ll be watched by the assessor. This can seem intimidating, so try to practice beforehand with a colleague watching you to get used to it.

We’ve shown the length of time allocated to complete each section but you’ll be given additional time to read the instructions and prepare before starting the test.

This is just an overview, so if you are close to taking your AM2 Assessment and want more detail, select a heading below for a step by step guide to each section.


The best way to prepare for the AM2 is to use the resources available on the NET website:

A note about AM2 Prep Courses: NET and its licensed centres do not support, endorse or recommend any AM2 or AM2S prep courses. Providing you have been able to complete your Checklist with confidence that you have the skills and knowledge needed for each area of the assessment, the resources provided above will be sufficient for you to prepare.

AM2 Section Detail

More information

Take a look below for more information on Assessment Fees, Re-Sits, How to Book and Mandatory Evidence. You can also visit our FAQs section for specific advice on numerous areas.