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The Advanced Assessment of Competence (AAC) was developed by NET and the Joint Industry Board (JIB) to provide a mechanism for qualified Electricians to achieve Approved Electrician status and the corresponding JIB grading.

The assessment takes place over one working day (7.5hrs) and has six sections:

A) Risk Assessment and Safe Working Practice. (30 Minutes)

A) Safe Isolation of Supply. (30 Minutes)

B1) Initial Inspection, Testing and Verification. (2.0 Hours)

B2) Periodic Inspection and Testing (1.0 Hours)

C) Fault Diagnosis and Rectification. (1.0 Hours)

D) Assessment of Underpinning Knowledge. (1.5 Hours)
This is an Open Book examination. Candidates sitting this section of the AAC will have access to the following documents:

o BS 7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations. (Incorporating Amendment 3: 2015)

o IET On Site Guide to BS 7671

o IET Guidance Note 3 : Inspection and Testing

o Memorandum on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (HSR25)

o Electricity at Work Safe Working Practices (HSG85)

o Electrical Test Equipment for use by Electricians (GS38)

o IET Guide to the Building Regulations

o JIB Handbook. Section 2 (National Working Rules)

E) Supervision of Electrical Operatives in the workplace. (1.0 Hours)

Prior to sitting the assessment, candidates are required to complete a mandatory self-assessment checklist. This will detail the competencies to be assessed and the candidate will be asked to tick a box stating whether or not they have the required level of knowledge or experience. This document must also be signed by the employer or person(s) requiring the candidate to undertake the assessment. In the case of self-employed the candidate will sign both.

To book an AAC, please contact one of NET’s licensed assessment centres.



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Assessment Guidance

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Supporting the industry