» Meet the Finalists: Callum McGarrigle

Callum McGarrigle

Name: Callum McGarrigle

College: New College Lanarkshire, Motherwell / SECTT

Employer: Weir and McQuiston

Callum says: 

“I’m feeling relatively confident with the run up towards the competition.  I’m looking forward to the overall experience especially in terms of the installation, the time constraints, the quality of workmanship produced and getting a chance to know the other competitors.  It’ll be great seeing the best guys in Britain coming together all working their hardest to complete their installation.  I feel privileged just to be taking part.  I think throughout the competition it will be a tough environment to compete in especially with the amount of people that attend and spectate, but I’m also looking forward to that aspect as well.
“I really enjoyed the regional competition, it gave us a chance to work in a situation similar to what I imagine the UK Final will be like, of course the Final will be on a much larger scale but it did give a sense of what to expect.  The main aspect was the time we were given to complete the installation, I think this prepared me the most for the Final.”


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