» Readiness for Assessment Checklist

Completing a self-assessment checklist is a compulsory part of the AM2 assessment preparation. It helps all parties to thoroughly review whether an individual has the required knowledge and experience to undertake the test. If gaps are identified, additional training or experience is recommended before taking the assessment.

Please ensure you select the correct checklist below for either the Apprenticeship Framework or the Apprenticeship Standard:

Apprenticeship Standard Checklist: completion of the checklist with a signature from the candidate, employer and training provider is one of the compulsory Gateway Checks before a candidate will be authorised for booking onto the End Point Assessment (AM2S) by NET.

Apprenticeship Framework Checklist: completion of the checklist with signatures is compulsory. For AM2 assessments before 9 March 2018, the checklist should be taken to the assessment centre. For assessments after that date, the checklist will be a compulsory check by NET before candidates can be booked for assessment on the new booking system.


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