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The AM2 is a practical assessment with a short online component, taken over a total of 16.5 hours. During this time candidates undertake a series of timed tasks in specially equipped booths containing typical electrical installation wiring systems. The exercises include installation, inspection and testing and fault-finding and the work must comply with the current British Standard (BS7671: 2015) and meet with the requirements of relevant Health & Safety legislation and industry best practice.

Assessment sections

The assessment comprises four sections A – D. (Section A is split into two distinct areas which are separately marked):

A1 Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment (1 hour)

A Composite Installation (8.5 hours)

B Inspection and Testing (3.5 hours)

C Fault Diagnosis (2.5 hours)

D Online multiple choice examination (1 hour)


For advice on fees for sitting or re-sitting an AM2, please speak to the relevant NET centre.


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