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The old saying “proper preparation prevents poor performance” has never been more appropriate when it comes to an apprentice’s final assessment. In the three months prior to the assessment taking place, encourage your apprentice to make use of the tools and guidance available on the NET website.¬†Reading through these should highlight any gaps in the apprentice’s training or any areas which they are uncertain of, which can be addressed¬†prior to the assessment taking place.

Back to basics

As well as learning and revising, it is important to remember some practical considerations, which may seem obvious to an employer, but less so to a trainee. Before your apprentice undertakes their assessment, encourage them to do the simple things, like getting a good night’s sleep and not making plans for the evenings during assessment time just because they’re technically ‘off work’. Remind them that you expect employees to arrive at work fresh and ready – these assessments are designed to test an apprentice’s occupational competence, so the same standard applies.

Similarly, try to ensure your apprentice doesn’t panic. As their employer, you are in a position to support and reassure them – after all, many of you will have sat an AM2 at the start of your career. Let them know that the assessment does not cover anything they won’t have been taught already, and there should be no surprises.


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