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Your first port of call should be NET’s Candidate Self-Assessment Checklist. This is a compulsory piece of paperwork and it is well worth the time it takes to fill it in!

The Checklist will show you everything you should have learned before going into the AM2 – read through it and make sure you definitely have done it all! It’s your employer’s and trainer’s responsibility to make sure you’ve covered everything on the list, so they should go through this with you and help identify any areas of concern.

We’ve also developed an AM2 Common Candidate Errors Guide. This will show you where the majority of mistakes happen – so make sure you don’t make them too!

AM2 Candidates with health conditions or impairments may also wish to consult NET’s Disability Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy.

Check the regs

There’s also a theory element of the AM2. You’ll need to be up to speed on four different guides: the Building Regulations (not just Part P, but any of the regulations that might impact on electrical installation work!), the current edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671), the On-Site Guide and the IET Guidance Note 3. Make sure you revise these carefully – you don’t want to spend three days in the AM2 test rig getting everything right, only to end up losing points on the theory aspects.

Then there’s just three final pieces of paperwork left. Make sure you’re confident in completing an IET Electrical Installation Certificate, and that your measured results conform to the requirements of BS7671. Also make sure you’re confident about completing a Schedule of Inspections and Schedule of Test Results, and be certain you know how to carry out all the necessary tests for these.

On the day

Common sense can desert the best of us in exam season, so in the run up to the AM2 it might be helpful to consider the following:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before your first assessment day and during the three day assessment period – you need to be firing on all cylinders, so don’t make big plans for the evenings!
  • Don’t forget to bring in your filled-in Checklist
  • Make sure you know exactly where the test centre is and how to get there.
  • Leave enough time to travel as well, you don’t want to be late.
  • Don’t panic!


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