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NET is listed on the Government’s Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations, which sets out specific requirements for the operation of end point assessments. We are responsible for ensuring that NET’s operating systems and processes, and that of our licensed network, comply fully with these requirements .

The set-up and licensing process for new centres incurs significant resource – the information presented below is to make sure you are fully aware of these requirements, before you decide whether to proceed with your application to become a NET centre.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a licensed assessment centre, please take a look at the following guidance before you proceed.

You can also download our overview of what happens during the whole process

Important Information:

  1. Conflict of Interest
  2. Assessment Centre Staff
  3. Assessor Qualifications
  4. Assessment Centre Location
  5. Assessment Centre Specification
  6. Policies and Administration
  7. Fees
  8. Application Form

1. Conflict of Interest

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) rules for apprenticeship standards require complete demarcation of training and end assessment activity. This means that no individual, and potentially no organisation, can carry out end assessment activity for any apprentices for whom it has been involved in delivering training or on programme assessment.

A Conflict of Interest declaration needs to be completed by all personnel who will be involved in the centre and compliance will be audited by NET.

NET defines a conflict of interest as: ‘An instance where the interests of an individual (a) working on behalf of NET, (b) representing an organisation within the NET structure or (c) representing NET in any capacity conflict with the outcome of an AOC and could bring the result of the AOC and NET into disrepute’.

Examples of this would be if a candidate sitting a NET AOC was related or known to a member of staff at the centre where they are due to sit their AOC, as this might call into question the result of their assessment.

If you have any concerns about whether you would be able to comply with the terms of the declaration, please contact info@netservices.org.uk for advice.

2. Assessment Centre Staff

All staff involved in assessment centre activities must have completed a conflict of interest declaration. And cannot be involved in any training of candidates prior to the assessment.

  1. Assessors must meet the Assessment being applied for
  2. Assessors must have completed an assessor qualification
  3. Assessors must have a current First Aid at Work qualification
  4. A ratio of one assessor to a maximum of four candidates must be observed at all times. A reserve assessor must be appointed to be available to cover periods of holiday and illness. The reserve assessor must comply with the requirements as set out in the Assessment Specification.
  5. The Assessment Centre must appoint a Centre Co-ordinator, a Centre Administrator and at least two Centre Assessor capable of fulfilling the role and activities detailed in the Assessment Specification.

3. Assessor Qualifications

Anyone carrying out end point assessment under an apprenticeship standard must comply with the assessment plan that has been set out by the employer group which developed the standard. For the electrotechnical standard, this states that:

“All centre assessment will be carried out by a qualified assessor who is also required to be a competent electrician, qualified to at least the level of the qualification being assessed.”

Therefore, the assessor must hold a current industry operative card to one of the following grades: Electrician, Approved Electrician or Technician.

Read full details of NET’s Assessor Requirements and consider whether your proposed assessor(s) will be able to comply.  If you have any queries, please contact NET.

4. Assessment Centre Location

The Assessment centre must be in a separate location to where learners are being trained. No learners or training staff from that location are allowed within the assessment area.

The Assessment area is to be a secure area with access only to approved staff and learners undertaking the assessment. All windows into the area must be screened or covered so there is no view into the assessment area from outside of it.

5. Assessment Centre Specification

Please read our Assessment Centre Specification document which sets out full details on the exact requirements for the assessment bays, equipment and associated facilities.

6. Policies and Administration

As part of the licensing process your centre will be expected to adhere to following documents and policies:

Confidentiality Agreement

Assessment Centre Administration Policy

7. Fees

Estimated Build Costs for an AM2 Centre

A centre that has recently been set up has provided an indicative setup costing of £48,000 +VAT for a 4-bay centre with 2 fault bays, inclusive of materials and labour (note: labour costs were reduced as a significant amount of work was carried out by centre staff).


Recommended Price for Assessments
AM2, BCPA £655
AAC £320


Licence and Associated Fees Item
Licence fee for first assessment, eg AM2, BCPA, £3200 for the first installation bay and £825 per additional installation bay
Additional assessments e.g. Fire, Security and Emergency Systems £825 for the first assessment bay or unit and £825 for each additional bay or unit
Test fee (marking and processing, payable on each sitting/resit of a test) £40
Certification fee (payable once per candidate per assessment) £30


8. Application Form

If you would like to apply to become a NET licensed centre please download and complete this application form and return it to info@netservices.org.uk along with the requested documents.


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