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The independence of NET’s assessments are fundamental to the integrity and status of the assessments within the industry. To maintain this, NET licenses a network of assessment centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Assessment centres are contractually bound to maintain this independence by:

  • Having an AOC facility which is physically separate from the training areas in establishments where electrical installation is taught.
  • Strictly controlling access to the AOC centre premises, permitting entry only to those needing to be present for assessment or operational purposes, i.e. candidates in session (following identity verification procedures), delivery and maintenance personnel and AOC examiners and administration/management. Entry by others only on prior permission from NET.
  • Employing trained AOC assessors to invigilate and mark the assessments, who are not involved in any way in the training and/or work based assessment of candidates.
  • Operating on a public access basis – a training organisation cannot have an AOC facility for the purpose of delivering the AOC only to its own candidates.


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